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Historical Significance

The history of Creto International, Inc. starts with our formula which was developed in 1918 to solve the problems of dusting, fracturing and leaking concrete. It was sold through hardware and general stores and today it’s in Creto™ DPS™ (Deep Penetrating Sealer), Cretowood and TopSeal®. What makes this formula unique is the penetrating power of the product. It has been known for some time that certain compounds would react with the alkali and carbonates in the concrete but it took a special ingredient added to this mixture to develop the penetrating power needed to set it apart from the others in the marketplace.

Runway at Orlando


The 1918 formula has been part of the history of modern building; touching millions of lives as it preserves and protects.

Disney World, The United States Air Force Academy, Tiananmen Square, bunkers in World War Two, The Worlds Fair in 1932, and numerous bridges, roads and historical sites have all benefited from the 1918 formula as it proliferated the world. It is very likely that anyone who is reading this right now has come in contact with our product and has never realized how much it has benefited their lives.

A History of the 1918 Formula

The Creto formula was purchased by Benjamin Hardy prior to 1940 and was used by Hardy until the 1970’s when it was purchased by William Myers for use by his company Creto International Inc. Later on additional products were added to the catalog and the company embarked on a worldwide campaign to market these products. Successful distributor relationships were formed in China which resulted in numerous projects utilizing our products, including buildings at the Beijing Olympics, the Beijing Subway, Government buildings and many bridges and elevated highways.


In 2006, Browning Investments, Inc of Lake Orion, Michigan, USA, purchased the company and the 1918 formula from Myers. Browning Investments, Inc and Creto International Inc. are owned by Edward May and Jeffery May. Jeffery May is the President and John Bledsoe, who was hired in July 2006, is the CEO of Creto International Inc. In August 2006 Creto Applications Services, LLC was formed to provide training, technical support and product application. This division of Creto International is managed by Brian Collins.

Creto International Inc. is expanding its North American and global presence by developing a worldwide distributor network. An international advertising campaign, including industry shows and advertisements in trade journals will start in the fall of 2006.